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UFO LED Grow Light "Mary Jane"

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UFO LED Grow Light "Mary Jane" - 135 Watt, 10.75 Inch, Cooling Fan  -Lt146

UFO Hydroponic Light with 135 Watt power, 10.75 Inch diameter and built in cooling fans. Grow your plants indoor and achieve a higher yield and bigger crops.

The “Mary Jane” LED grow light provides the exact light spectrum your plants need. Emitting Red, Blue, Orange and White color waves, the “Mary Jane” boosts your plants grow by achieving better photosynthesis and increasing the plant’s grow during flowering. Ultra compact, this LED grow light can be used virtually everywhere and has an almost nonexistent heat signature thanks to the 3 built-in fans.

Use the “Mary Jane” Hydroponic light as a standalone light or as a booster to your current LED, HPS, HID or MH setup. Packing 45 LEDs which each emit 3W of power, the light’s total power is rated at 135 Watt and maxes out your grow room to get the best yield. Perfect to grow your own vegetables in your greenhouse or indoors, the “Mary Jane” works with all types of flowers, cacti, herbs, fruits and more. With a LED lamp life of over 50.000 hours, you will have zero maintenance costs and up to 90% less energy consumption than regular light bulbs.

At a Glance...

135 Watt Grow Light
45x LEDs
50.000 Hour LED Life
Zero Maintenance Costs
Uses up to 90% Less Energy

Manufacturer Specifications

LED Type: 43x TW Epileds
LUX: 1100 Lux/0.5m/8sqm, 820 Lux/1m/10sqm, 630 Lux/1.5m/20sqm
LED Power: 135W (45x 3W)
LED Beam Angle: 120 Degree
LED Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, White (Red: 620nm-630nm 30pcs, Blue: 460nm-470nm 6pcs, Orange: 600nm-610nm 5pcs, White: 6000-6500K 4pcs)
LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
3x Cooling Fans
Power Source: 100-240V Power Adapter


Main product dimensions: 270x270x60mm (L x W x D)
Main product weight: 1700g

Package Contents

LED Grow Light
Power Adapter (Product Specific)
Suspension Cables (Product Specific)

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