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Toymail - Free Voice Messaging For Kids! - Milksop the Bear Mailman

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Toymail - Free Voice Messaging For Kids! - Milksop the Bear Mailman

The only kid friendly WIFI toy messenger. Perfect for working parents, grandparents, or relatives who live across the world. Stay connected to kids you love.
Record a voice message from anywhere in the world (in your voice or a silly voice) and send it to a Mailmen right from your phone. Kids can reply right from their toy to your phone for two-way talk.

Mailmen have WIFI built-in, and connect to your home network in minutes.
Any number of approved friends and family can send messages to kids they love from the free Toymail app for Android or iOS.
Parent's magazine hails Toymail as 'genius' and Brit & Co says they are the 'coolest toys toys we've ever seen.' They have also been featured in Wired, the NY Times, Core 77, Fast Company, Venture Beat, Cool Mom Picks, and Mashable.

Whether you have a toy or not, you can send Toymail! Download the app and connect to kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, neighbors, really anyone you please, to start sending and receiving Toymail.

When a kid receives a message through the Mailmen, they can reply right from the toy. This reply goes directly to your phone. Our app has a mailbox that stores all incoming and outgoing messages.

Within minutes, connect Mailmen to your WIFI network to send and receive messages through the Toymail app. There's a reason we chose WIFI over bluetooth. For one thing, you don't need to have your toy near a phone to use it! Read more in our FAQ.

Run our app on any IOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) and most Android phones to send messages anytime, from anywhere in the world.

With toymail, you can be in the checkout line at the grocery store, playing with your kids at home. It's the fun way to stay connected to kids you love.

Mailmen check for messages every 30 minutes. They'll snort, whine, howl, and growl to let you know you've got mail. When you hit the play button, they'll speak your message in their voice, or yours.

Mailmen can deliver your messages in their own quirky voice, or deliver them with your voice untouched. You decide. Turn the filter on/off in the app.

Messaging is free. Our app is free to download too!

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