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Sunroad FR500 Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Thermometer, Hygrometer

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Sunroad FR500 Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Thermometer, Hygrometer - A448

At a Glance...
Precision Sensors From Watchmakers Swiss
Multiple functions for all your outdoor needs
IPX4 protection for outdoor durability
Super long usage time from each charge so it wont let you down

Precision Accuracy Multi Function Sports Altimeter

The Sunroad FR500 brings together a handheld barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, flashlight and weather forecasting function into one incredible outdoor device suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

Suited to use outdoor this handheld multifunction gadget has a rugged outer with IPX4 prot ection so it’s not afraid of a little bit of water. Its built in rechargeable battery that will last you up to 3 months with typical usage and take about 2 hours to recharge which should be plenty for your adventures.

Using super accurate sensors from renowned watch makers Swiss the Sunroad FR500 can track you altitude and record and gains or loss over a 24 hour period. With recordings taken every 30 minutes and a helpful chart displaying all the data you can check your progress as you ascend peaks or trek through mountain passes.

With a similar 24 hour chart for recording air pressure as well as weather forecasting functions, calculated from barometric pressure it is easy for you to use the FR500 to check weather patterns over the course of a day. This critical data lets you see any sudden drops or peaks in pressure that would result in a high or low front coming in. Bringing you the power to determine such weather changes makes the RF500 exceptionally helpful in planning your day ahead when and can be invaluable to seasoned mountaineers and outdoor goers letting them choose the best routes and avoid dangerous situations by keeping ahead of the weather.

The built in digital compass provides a good quick way to navigate and check orientation while other function such as thermometer and hydrometer bring additional information on the clear to read LCD screen. With a secure wrist strap and rubber housing it’s easy to hold and the large buttons make it easy to operate even with gloved hands. For use at night or in dark conditions the screen has a backlight and you can turn on a strong LED light to help you seen in the dark.

Manufacturer Specifications

Adopt super accuracy sensor from Swiss
Max/Min altitude, temperature, humidity record
Incorporate: Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Thermometer, Hygrometer functions and LED flash light
Time, Date, Alarm clock functions
Built-in Rechargeable Battery 250 mAh
Usage Time: Up to 3 months after full recharge
Recharge Time: About 2 Hours
Wrist Strap

Display Range: -2296 to 29500 ft ( -700 to 9000 m)
Resolution: 1m/3ft
Altimeter measurement Sea level altitude / Climbing altitude
The highest altitude record automatically during climbing Available
Altitude gain/loss calculation
History altitude record altitude every 30 minute
Unit Meter and Feet unit switch available
Altitude total gain/loss, 24 hours altitude record and trend chart

Display Range: 300 to 1100 hpa (8.8 to 32.6 inHg)
Resolution: 0.1 hpa
Unit Millibar and inHg unit switch available
24 Hours air pressure trend chart

Display Range: -20 to 60 Degree Celsius ( -4 to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Resolution: 1 Degree Celsius/ 1 Degrees Fahrenheit
Unit Celsius and Fahrenheit unit switch available
History temperature record: Max / min temperature record

Display Range: 20% to 95%
History humidity record: Max / min humidity record

Display Mode: 360 Degrees with eight directions
Resolution: 1 Degree

Weather forecast
Forecast For Future: 12 to 24 Hours weather
Four Weather Status: Sunny, Slight, Sunny, Cloudy Rain

Time and Date
Display Mode: 24 Hour or 12 Hour available

LED Torch
LED torch High light LED torch
Backlight 5 seconds high-light LED backlight
Waterproof IPX4

Mini USB

Main Product Dimensions: 99 x 67 x 20 mm (L x W x D)
Main Product Weight: 71g

Product Notes
Battery: Built in

Package Contents
Multifunction Outdoor Altimeter
User Manual
USB Cable
Screen Cloth

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