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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

  • R 29900

At a Glance...
Wide temperature measuring range of -50 to 380°C
Variety of household and industrial applications
High measuring accuracy of +/-1.5°C
Quick, simple and safe to use, non-contact

The Infrared Thermometer features a temperature range of -50 to 380°C and comes with a variety of applications. You can use the thermometer to check the water temperature in a swimming pool or an aquarium, measure the heat coming from cooking surfaces, electrical connections, engines and heaters or see how cold it is inside a refrigerator. With a wide range of uses, this simple gadget is a great tool for a household of production facility.

Infrared Thermometer With -50 to 380°C Range

The infrared thermometer’s wide temperature measuring range makes for a variety of household and industrial applications.

At home, use it to measure the temperature of any liquid (from baby milk to the water in your pool), detect cold or heat leaks from your air conditioning equipment and more. In an industrial setting the thermometer can be used to measure the heat coming from electrical components, wiring, machine engines, etc.

The non-contact infrared thermometer is a quick, simple and safe tool to work with. Without the need for the thermometer to come into direct contact with the surface you want to measure, you don’t won’t have to get too close to a heated object.

Simply aim the thermometer and pull the trigger. You will then see the temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the mini LCD display. Thanks to the LCD backlight, you won’t have trouble getting your readings even in poor lighting or after it gets dark.

With the accuracy of +/-1.5°C, a wide temperature measuring range and lots of potential applications, the infrared thermometer compares very favorably to the competition.

Unit Measurement: Degree Celsius, Fahrenheit
Temperature Range: -50 to 380 Degree Celsius (-58 to 716 Degree Fahrenheit)
Accuracy: 0 to 330 Degrees Celsius, + or - 1. 5 Degree Celsius , + or -1.5 Percent.
-50 to 0 Degrees Celsius, + or - 3 Degree Celsius
Response Time: 500 milliseconds, 95 Percent Response
Resolution: 0.1 Degree Celsius or 0.1 Fahrenheit
Distance to Spot Size Ratio: 12:1 (Can take temperature of a 2 cm target from a distance of 24 cm)
Laser Class: Class II
Laser ON/OFF selectable
Auto Power Off and Data Hold
Operation Temperature: 0 to 40 Degrees Celsius (32 to 104 Fahrenheit)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 Degrees Celsius (-4 to 140 Fahrenheit)
Power Source: 2x AAA 1.5V Battery (Not Included)

Main product dimensions: 150 x 83 x 42 mm (L x W x D)
Main product weight: 101g

Product Notes
This product is not intended to be used as a medical device especially as it uses a laser which can damage eyes..

Package Contents
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
User Manual

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