LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module
LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module

LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module

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LM2596 DC-DC Adjustable Voltage Regulated Power Supply Module with Voltmeter - 15000023

Product Features:
  • LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module DC-DC Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Module
  • Using the internal oscillator frequency of 150KHz
  • Belongs to the second generation of switching voltage regulator
  • Small power consumption, high efficiency
  • Touch the button to switch the input or output voltage,”in” red light measures input voltage,”out” green light measures output voltage
  • With a digital voltmeter display
  • Input voltage range: 4-40V DC
  • Adjustable output voltage range:1.25-37V DC
  • Operating current: 2A
  • Voltmeter range: 0-40V
  • Weight: 30g
  • Size: 67 x 30x 15 mm
    Package Contents:
      1 x LM2596 Voltage Regulator Module 

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