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Japanese Style Inspired LED Watch "Sauron"

  • R 24900

Japanese Style Inspired LED Watch "Sauron" - G296

Japanese Style Inspired LED Watch with a unique design that makes it attractive and symbolic.

Behold the “Sauron”, the baddest Japanese LED watch to grace this website since the Iron Samurai. With an exclusive fold over lock design clasp you can fasten this watch knowing it will be a good fit and won’t come off unlike cheap quality made straps. The strap is made of a dark paladin armor giving it a style that will go with most attire, either it be work or for play. The strap is 170mm in length with 12 segments for wrist adjustment

Press the top button and after some animation, you'll be shown some blue parallelograms. Each blue parallelogram equals 1 hour. Press the button again, and you'll be shown red parallelograms and red triangles. Each red parallelogram equals 5 minutes. Each red triangle equals 1 minute. Example: 2 blue parallelograms, 2 red parallelograms, 1 red triangle equals 2:11am.

At a Glance...

  • Baddest and most Evil LED Watch Ever
  • Red and Blue LED lights
  • Unique Way of Telling the Time

Manufacturer Specifications


  • Screen: Hexagonal-Shaped
  • LED Colors: Blue and Red
  • Clasp: Exclusive Fold Over Lock Design
  • Function Buttons: Top (Display), Bottom (Change)
  • Power Source: x2 CR2016 (Pre-Installed)


  • Strap Length: 170 mm with 12 segments for wrist adjustment
  • Inner strap length using last hole: 197mm
  • Inner strap length using first hole: 197mm

Product Notes

  • Press the top button to display the time on demand.
  • This watch is not waterproof.

Package Contents

  • LED Watch
  • User Manual

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