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High power RED 1156/BA15S 10W CREE LED Lamp

  • R 12000

High power RED 1156/BA15S 10W CREE LED Lamp - (80000781)


This is high quality and super bright High Power LED light bulbs, and it produces intense light over a large area.
This kind of High Power LED bulbs are made with 10W  high power LED Emitters with extremely bright lighting outut
This 10w  high power LED bulb is perfect for backup reverse lights or turn signal lights.
Color: Super bright white 
Voltage: 12V
Life time: 30000-50000 hours
Benefits: Low temperature, and low power consumption save energy than the regular bulbs.


Base type: 1156/BA15S
Quantity: 1pcs
LED type: 2*CREE chip R5
Viewing angle: 170
Color: Red
Normal working voltage: 12VDC (current 340-350MA) 

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