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Mini Security DVR

  • R 69900

Mini Security DVR with MicroSD card recording, video IN and OUT, motion detection and constructed from high quality metal.

This mini DVR is the perfect device if you are looking for a inexpensive and fast way to install your security cameras to an easy to use and operate DVR system. Hook up a single camera to the mini DVR and record its feed straight away on a MicroSD Card. To view the footage you can either retrieve the data from the MicroSD card on a PC or hook up a monitor to the Video OUT connector. Constructed from high quality metal for protection as well as with screw holes for installation, just screw the DVR to your wall or a convenient flat space, connect the CCTV camera, and whatever is seen by the camera will be recorded to the MicroSD card inserted into the DVR.

Several recording modes are available such as motion detection recording, continuous recording and mixed recording. Compact but well built, this mini metal DVR won’t let you down. Forget about tons of wires, easily install and connect the DVR to your security camera! As an extra, we throw in 2 Free BNC to AV connectors for added compatibility with surveillance cameras!

At a Glance...

Small DVR
microSD Card Recording
Video IN an OUT
Metal Construction
Screw holes for easy installation to any flat surfacce
2 Free BNC to AV Connectors

Manufacturer Specifications


Image compression: AVI
Resolution: VGA (640x480), QVGA(320x240)
Input: One Channel Video and One Channel Audio
Output: One Channel Video and One Channel Audio
Video Output Format: PAL/NTSC
Recording mode: Motion detected / Continuous recording/ Mixing recording
Timetable Adjustment
Menu setting: Set by wheel (SW) on monitor
Video Parameters: ARM + DSP Technology and Intelligent Algorithm
Browser Software: Windows Media Player
Power: DV 12V
Language: English, Chinese


Micro SD Card Slot Supports up to 32GB


Main product dimensions: 70x85x25mm (L x W x D)
Main product weight: 108g

Package Contents

Mini DVR
CD-ROM with Driver
Power Adapter
A/V cable
User Manual
2 x BNC Adapters

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