Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb - Electromann SA
Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb - Electromann SA
Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb
Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb
Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb

Electromann HID Xenon Headlamp Bulb

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Night and Poor Weather Driving: It's been shown that visual clarity at night is only 5% of what it is during the day. Perception field, color details, and contrasting ability goes way down at night and as a result, the risk of accident goes way up. The situation isn't much better for driving in bad weather especially in fog or storm conditions. Drivers need good visibility to make the correct driving decisions! Lives depend on it. Introduced in the 7-series BMW during the early 90's, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon headlights have become the choice of serious drivers because they produce three times more light and brightness than halogen bulbs making them far superior for driving in all conditions. Yet because their glow resembles natural daylight, they don't cause temporary blindness to oncoming drivers.

Farther, Wider, Clearer: On average HID Xenon bulbs produce 2,800 to 3,500 lumens of brightness versus traditional halogen bulbs which only produce between 700 to 2,100 lumens. What's more, HID Xenon bulbs produce 90 candelas of luminance per square meter versus traditional halogen which only produce 30 candelas of luminance per square meter. The real world benefits of these numbers - you are able to see an extra 30-60 meters or up to 15 car lengths farther to avoid dangers. Your peripheral vision is almost doubled to account for pedestrians and animals that might suddenly dart onto the road. You're able to discern greater detail in the environment from which to base your steering or braking decisions on!

Efficiency and Durability: What surprises most people about HID Xenon bulbs is that despite producing 3x more light, they consume approximately half the energy which halogen bulbs use. This is because traditional halogen bulbs require a filament by which to produce light, whereas HID Xenon bulbs use electrical arcs in vaporised Xenon to create their brightness. And it is precisely for this reason that HID Xenon bulbs last longer than Halogen - there is no filament to burn out. In fact, HID bulbs usually last between 2000-3000 hours compared to 450 and 1000 hours for halogen lamps.

At a Glance

* Many times brighter than Halogens
* See farther, wider, clearer
* Save money
* Lasts longer
* Greatly increases driving safety

Manufacturer Specifications:

* Bulb parameter:
- Color Temperature: 6000K
- Life: 2500-3000 Hours
- Lumens: 3200
- Lamp Base: H1, H3, H7, H9, H11, 9005, 9006 available - (Please specify type on your order)

Package Contents

* 1x Xenon bulb 6000K, 55watt


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