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Dummy Security Camera

  • R 14900

Dummy Security Camera - Real Looking, Motion Detector, Activation Light, Battery Operated, Panning - I239

This fake dummy security camera is the ultimate way to protect your home against theft, your car against vandalism, and your office against slacking employees. No gigantic amount of storage space for recordings is needed. Simply install this dummy camera, and you will be able to keep intruders, thieves away from your home or business.

It Works! Once the camera is installed you will see how effective this gadget is. The one important real thing about this fake camera is its built-in motion detection system. Once a moving object is recorded, the activation lights will start blinking. In addition, the camera will start panning horizontally to effectively scare of the target.

It's Fun Too! Even if you feel you don't really need a security camera, whether real or fake. You should still get this funny gadget. Mount this camera to the wall in your living room, and see how your friends and family react when they think they are being videotaped!

Easy to Install - No Wiring Needed! This false security camera is extremely easy to install because it is battery operated. No wires are involved at all! Only two screws are needed to attach it to the wall and the camera is ready for some realistic action.

At a Glance...

Realistically looking
Built-in motion detector
Fake activation light
Dummy motivation detector
Adjustable camera angle
No wires required as it is battery operated

Manufacturers Specifications

Primary function: fake dummy security camera
Power: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Built-in motion detection sensor
Adjustable vertical angle
LED activation light

Product Notes

Easily mountable on walls with just two screws
Cheap decoy camera to scare off thiefs and lazy employees
Automatically pans when motion is detected

Package Contents

Realistically looking security camera
2x screws

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