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CCTV Mini Microphone

  • R 5900

CCTV Mini Microphone Audio Surveillance Spy Hidden Mic CCTV - (10000569)

Ideal add-on to your CCTV DVR System. Simply plug into your DVR Audio Channel using a Phono Cable. It requires a 12V power supply.
It’s used both Indoor and Outdoor (Outdoor with suitable protection from the rain).
2 Connectors: One is a phono connector for audio while the other one is a DC power connector.
Can be fitted on ceilings, walls, in suspended ceilings, under roofs, under soffits, cashier/ till desk at your business, behind a sofa inside a living room, etc.
Connects directly to you DVR, no need for an amplifier.
Power Supply Required: 12V DC (Not included)
Current Consumption: 200mA
Audio Range: up to 20-30 metres (omni-directional)
Frequency Range: 10-2000kHz
Package includes: 
1 x Security CCTV Audio Microphone Sensitive Mic