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Anet A8 3D Printer Mainboard

  • R 1,09900

Anet A8 3D Printer Mainboard Anet V1.0 For Reprap Prusa Control Motherboard - (10000788)

Main Features:

  •     Highly integrated one board, to solve the Ramps1.4 combination interface cumbersome problem.
  •     Optimized layout routing and thermal design, the whole board performance is more stable.
  •     Large USB, more stable connection, more concise interface, wiring more convenient, more stable, longer life.
  •     On-board 4-channel A4988 16-step stepping motor driver ( Z-Axis motor interface ).
  •     PWM DC 3 outputs ( 1 channel high current, 3 channel medium current, 2 channel small current ).
  •     Mos tube with high performance and low on-resistance is used for driving, and the heat dissipation is better.
  •     ST original power supply chip, support 12V - 24V power input to solve the Ramps voltage conversion chip fever problem.
  •     Can accept 24V input, the same system power can be reduced to 1/4 of the hot bed current, solve the hot-bed MOS tube heating problem effectively.
  •     Can use open source firmware Marlin, configuration and Ramps1.4 exactly the same, can directly replace Ramps1.4.
  •     Can be directly connected Ramps1.4, 2004LCD control panel and 12864LCD control panel ( remove the L-type adapter plate ).

Package Contents:

1 x Mainboard 

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