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HD 1080P Wireless IP Nanny Cam

  • R 54900

IP Camera/Nanny Cam HD 1080P, IR LED, Motorised, Wireless LAN Internet Wifi Network - (13000179)

Product description

This wireless surveillance IP camera is a professional solution for remote viewing of an area it is installed into. Features a motorised mechanism that allows pan and tilt (270 ° horizontal and 90 ° vertical) of the camera that can be controlled remotely and incorporates transmission of Wi-Fi and Ethernet to connect the camera to your router or local network for access via the internet.

The camera has a fixed lens that can pan/tilt (270 °)/Tilt (90 °) and nine infrared LEDs, which allows you to see in the dark. Thanks to the microSD card slot, it is possible to establish a realtime alarm system. Combines great video quality with function of network connectivity and a powerful web server to provide a good visibility of the images, at any point on your local network or the Internet. From any device connected to your local network or through the internet, it will be possible to connect and manage your camera by adjusting the direction manually or with a preset program, in order to control large areas remotely. In addition, the camera is equipped with microphone and speaker, which can be useful in the case of a conversation that you wish to hear ambient noise or distance, using as intercom.

Package Contents:

1x Pan/Tilt IP Camera
1x Mounting Bracket
1x Packet of screws
1x Wall AC to DC Power Adapter

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