LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery
LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery
LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery
LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery

LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery

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LifePo4 40ah 12.8v Rechargeable Battery (10004407)


Charge current: Same as continuous current
Charging voltage:14.8V

Over charge protection
Overcharge detection voltage:3.7V±0.05V
Overcharge release voltage:3.6V±0.05V
Overcharge protection delay:600uS

Over discharge protection
Over discharge protection voltage: 2.2V ± 0.1V
Over discharge release voltage:2.5V±0.1V
Over discharge detect delay:600uS

Balance detection voltage:3.55V
Balanced release voltage:3.55V
Balance current:35mA±5mA
Discharge protection
Instantaneous current: continuous current * 2.5
Overcurrent detection delay:600uS
Over discharge detect voltage:100mV
Overcurrent protection release condition: Disconnect load

Short circuit protection
Short circuit protection condition: External load short circuit
Short circuit detection delay:600uS
Short circuit protection release condition: Disconnect load

Temp Protection
Charging temperature: ≤65 ℃
Discharge temperature: ≤65 ℃
Remove temperature control protection: within working temperature

Inner resistance
Main circuit on-resistance:≤10mΩ

Self electricity consume
Working current:≤100uA
Sleep current (when the battery is over-discharged):≤20uA

Working Temp
temperature range:-20℃/+80℃

Package Contents:
1 x 12.8V 40AH LiFePo4 Battery

Dimensions: 200 x 170x 170mm

Weight: 4.4kg


1. The cable starts from the black thin wire connecting B-, the second wire (the thin red wire) is connected to the positive pole of the first battery, and the positive pole of each battery is connected in turn until the last red wire is connected to B+;

2. After connecting the cable, do not insert the plug directly into the BMS. Measure the voltage between each two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. If the voltage of the terpolymer battery should be between 2.8V and 4.2V, the iron-lithium battery should be between 2.5V and 3.65V.

3. After correct wiring queue and voltage confirmation, insert the BMS socket.

4. The protective board B line (blue thick line) is connected to the negative pole of the battery pack.

5. After the wiring is completed, measure whether the total voltage of the battery pack and the total voltage passing through the BMS are equal. If they are different, check again according to the above wiring queue.

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